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Welcome to Francis' Keys! We appreciate your business

Hello Frederick!, it's a pleasure to introduce myself, or should I say reintroduce myself? Yes, many of you already know me well as the owner and technician of CDC Cellular Repair on Industry Lane, a cell phone repair shop serving Greater Frederick for 11 years. Don't worry, CDC is doing just fine and will continue to provide the same service you've come to depend upon over the last decade.

Those who know me best will tell you that I'm someone who is counterintuitive in the business world. I prefer "crazy like a fox", but you get the idea. Simply put, honesty and transparency is my mantra, even when it doesn't necessarily work in my own favor from a profit and loss standpoint. We all know that way of doing business is the way it used to be, but nowadays, well, not so much. Maybe I'm just old and out of touch, but I refuse to change in that regard.

In the spirit of honesty and transparency, what is this Francis' Keys all about? Essentially it's CDC Cellular Repair and is located in the same place that you know off of Industry Lane. I created a separate LLC for it due to the probability that customers will not see a cell phone shop as a place to get their car key problems solved. So having a "sister company" with a separate name makes it easier to market to that specific audience. But you have my word that the same level of commitment, service, honesty, and integrity applies to Francis' Keys as you're used to with CDC.

In a nutshell, Francis' Keys is a locksmith company specializing in car keys. I have residential training as well and if you need help in that area, just ask. As far as the car keys are concerned, that is an important service that I find is somewhat limited in the region. Let me be clear, this is not a swipe are area locksmiths. In fact, we have several long time locksmith in the region that are excellent at what they do. I have used some in the past myself and they are top-notch. Where they differ from Francis' Keys is in the automotive area. While they do car keys to a certain extent, most are focused more in the residential and commercial setting. Car keys are a different animal and require specialized equipment to program correctly, especially with higher end automobiles. The goal of Francis' Keys is to provide this level of service and to offer alternatives to high dealer prices.

We all know that the days of getting a spare key for your car at the home center or hardware store are largely behind us. Some of these retailers do a limited amount of car key work, but the latest vehicles can be quite challenging and require on-going education as well as access to proper software, memberships in NASTF, and other organizations. Francis' Keys is focused on providing this level of service, which is typically not an area where general locksmiths spend the bulk of their time. I'm focusing on bridging that gap and providing real solutions to your auto lock needs.

Why did I choose to offer this service? I've already mentioned the demand, but also in the spirit of honesty I'll admit to something else. Business evolution, it's that simple. The phone repair market is a different business than it was 11 years ago. I still enjoy it immensely and plan to continue on in that area, but as the saying goes, "failure to plan is a plan to fail". We have a lot of operators in phone repair locally now. That's the reality with any business in that competition will come along. The key to success is making changes to differentiate your operations from the competition. There are multiple ways of going about this, but from my perspective Francis' Keys is something that truly separates from the competition in a unique way. I anticipate it to be very successful over the long haul and it will help CDC grow and prosper as well.

In conclusion, I want to say that I'm honored to have the opportunity to bring Francis' Keys to Frederick and look forward to working with everyone in the near future.

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