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Google My Business and Locksmiths

We wanted to get out in front of this early and let customers know about a matter with Google. As of this blog post, you will likely not find Francis' Keys listed on any Google business listings. Why is this so?

We find it very frustrating of course because we are an honest business in Frederick, MD. We're already well established within our sister company, CDC Celullar Repair, with a 4.9 rating. One would assume that is a good thing and shouldn't lead to any problems.

Regretfully that is not the case. While we are working hard to prove ourselves to Google, they currently will not permit us to establish a business listing on their platform. This is unfortunate, but there is a reason this is happening. Simply put, it is due to the nature of the locksmith industry in 2024. Finding a reputable and honest locksmith can be a problem, as there has been a plethora of unlicensed and illegal locksmiths that have popped up all over the country. Google, to their credit, has taken action to limit their exposure to protect consumers. As hard as it is for Francis' Keys at this particular moment, what matters is you, the customer, and they're doing their part to protect you from unscrupulous operators. It's been a real problem, no question.

But not to worry. Francis' Keys is 100% licensed by the State of Maryland, which is a rigorous process. To obtain licensure, you must submit to a full criminal background check, fingerprinting, and there are significant fees to obtain licensure. Additionally, you cannot be licensed without proper liability insurance of at least $300,000. Francis' Keys is not only licensed, but is insured for up to $1 million, which exceeds state requirements.

In addition to all of the licensing requirements, Francis' Keys is also located at a physical business address. Often locksmiths in the automobile sector operate strictly via mobile. While there are many honest and trustworthy mobile locksmiths, here are also far too many that are not, and when there's a problem, how do you find that person? That isn't a problem with Francis' Keys, as we are located conveniently in the Industry Lane Business Park along with CDC Cellular. You can be rest assured that you will be treated with the utmost respect, honesty, and integrity that we have always been known for.

In the mean time, we have active social media accounts as an alternative to Google.

On Facebook we can be found at

On X we can be found at

We will continue to add our listing to alternative online sources as things progress. Of course we are not giving up on Google, but realize we have to earn their trust and that will take some time.

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